Design Board: Basement Laundry Room

We are slowly chipping away at our basement renovation. The HVAC reconfiguration has been done and now we’re tweaking the floor plan before framing begins. My goal is to have design boards for every space to help achieve a cohesive end product. It’s probably no surprise  the space I’m most excited about is the laundry room. It really sucks doing laundry in the current dungeonous state of our basement. Our basement is quite large, so it’ll be important to keep a close eye on the budget and choose the splurges wisely for maximum impact. Here’s the design direction we’re heading in:


Basement Laundry Room Design Board

1. Industrial Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light; IndLights Etsy Shop

2. Wire Mesh Laundry Caddy; West Elm

3. White Subway Tile; (photo)

4. Black & White Screen Prints; 45WALL Etsy Shop, Harvest Art Ledge; EQ3

5.NUMERÄR Countertop; Ikea

6.DOMSJÖ Sink; Ikea

7.HOVSKÄR Faucet; Ikea

8. ABSTRAKT Hight Gloss White Cabinetry; Ikea

9. BLANKETT Cabinetry Handle; Ikea

10. Large Curved Basket; West Elm

11. Black Hexagon Tile in Matte; (photo)

Can’t wait for this room to become a reality! There’s still a long road to get there, but I’m looking forward to seeing the basement transform into a beautiful and functional space our family can enjoy.


Signature - Diana#57

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