Friday Reverie

Another busy week filled with projects, work and family fun. Let’s hope the weather cooperates long enough to make a dent in our gardening! But first…some Friday Reverie.


1. 52 totally feasible ways to organize your entire home….yes, please! So many super clever ideas using easy to find materials.

2. I am loving this short jumpsuit with chain appliqué from Zara. It’s all-in-one dressing with jewelry included :)


3. This must be every little boy’s dream bedroom. I mean, it’s got a FORT-BED! How can you top that?!?


4. Architectural Digest’s Lee F. Mindel explores Toronto’s architectural treasures. It’s always refreshing to see your own city from someone else’s perspective.


5. I’m in love with the wood trim in this all-white living room.


Wishing everyone a wonderful, sun-filled weekend.


Signature - Diana#57

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