Friday Reverie

Yay for warm weather and time in the garden! We’ve made some progress in our front yard, but there’s still so much more to do. I’m hoping we can carve out some time this weekend to finish mulching the garden beds. Then we can move on to the larger project of taming an overgrown woodland area at the back of our yard. It backs onto a creek and right now the only thing successfully growing there is weeds!

1. I’m hoping this book can help me create a beautiful woodland garden that can survive the shade the trees provide.

2. This stylish cube house in glorious Ibiza took my breath away. Take a tour here.


3. Know how sometimes garden accessories can feel too cutesy and kitschy? These modern minimalist birdhouses by Twig and Timber will have backyard birds living in style!


4. We have an exposed brick wall in our master bedroom, but the brick was such an ugly colour and texture that we had to paint it. When I saw this Berlin apartment, I was more than a little jealous. The property is for sale and you can check it out here.


5. These hanging bedside tables are fantastic for small spaces and deceptively easy to make.

hanging bedside table

6. The cabinetry colour in this kitchen is beyond beautiful…maybe some of that beautifulness needs to find it’s way into my laundry room design.


Happy Weekend!


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