Friday Reverie

1. This week, I discovered Area Environments and their phenomenal murals. I especially like the peony collection by artist Thomas Darnell.


2. Mandi over at Vintage Revivals took a blank, unused room in her MIL’s house and turned it into a beautiful office, full of charm, function and fabulous DIY projects. Get this, she did it all in just 3 days – Amazing!




3. Looking for a gargantuan light fixture that really makes a statement – Check out Australia’s Yellow Goat Design; a “go big or go home” kind of company.



4. Summer is a time for lounging on the patio with a cold drink in hand. There’s sure to be a favourite beverage for everyone in this collection of summer mocktails by Eating Well.

5. House Beautiful compiled a list of 25 Amazing Things for 2014. My favourite is the Nest Protect – a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that doesn’t screech annoyingly just out of reach, but rather speaks in an assertive, but kind human voice alerting you of danger. Most importantly, the units are connectable, so the unit in your bedroom will alert you if something goes awry in the kitchen. We have a Nest thermostat in our home and think it’s awesome, so we’re keen to give the Nest Protect a try.


Happy Weekend, friends!


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