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The world is a big, beautiful place and there are so very many places I want to explore. Recently, we’ve been thinking of where to take our next family vacation. Last summer, we were super fortunate to make the trip to Spain and spend two weeks soaking up the sun, beaches, culture and food. We spent one of those weeks in a stunning villa with our own private pool and gardens. We ended our vacay in Madrid and I was able to show my children the city where I was born – what a totally awesome experience that was! When I think of vacation destinations, I gravitate to warm climates (I’m not built for cold climates…seriously, I pull out my parka in October!) and we’ve certainly had our fair share of cold this winter stuck in a polar vortex! But, while looking at a Year in Review article on Best Photos from 2013 by Interior Design, I stumbled upon THIS surreal place…and it’s beauty made me forget our recent deep-freeze temperatures.


It’s the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel in Nesjavellir, Iceland. Yup, I said ICELAND! For me, Iceland feels somewhat counterintuitive. I mean, where’s the scorching heat!?!?! (Iceland’s average summer high is just 13°C) But the sheer beauty of this place, the nature, the aurora borealis, the architecture and brilliant simplicity of the hotel itself has skyrocketed this spot to the top 5 in my travel bucket list. Let’s have a closer look.


Ever been in a hotel lounge and feel like you’re stuck in an envelope sealed away from the city or nature outside? That certainly isn’t a problem here! Views as far as the eye can see, even when you’re indoors – now that’s special!



Isn’t the pool breathtaking? Enough to make me not miss a sun-drenched beach??? Just maybe.


How awesome is this photograph? How awesome is this place!?!





I‘d love to hear what destinations are on your travel bucket list! What are some of the things you look for in a holiday retreat?


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